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We know how challenging it is to find a heating solutions provider you can trust.  A Ward Heating has been installing heating in homes for over 40 years. This means we have the expertise to make your home more Efficient,  Eco-friendly as well as saving you money!





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Here at A Ward Heating Limited, we try to offer you the best advice, best products and a great service at a price that is both agreeable and affordable to you. We are a family run company that strongly believes that every install or repair should be undertaken exactly as it would be in our own homes. We go that extra yard so that you do not have to.

Whatever your new boiler needs, be it a straight combi swap or upgrade, a new system boiler, full radiator system or a heat only boiler, we have a solution that works. We will offer you a new quote over the phone, or you may use our superb calculation tool on our website, which is good and gives an accurate figure which in nearly all cases we honour.

However, the most cost effective and exact quotes can only be achieved by a home visit, which is something that must be done prior to every install, as I am sure you understand. Whilst this is off putting to some people, I can assure you we do not employ high pressure salesmen. Indeed, I myself Alan Ward, usually undertake these, and always in a friendly, amusing and informative manner. So please complete the contact form and let me be of help to you.

To assist you further, we also accept multiple payment options. These can be via card payments, bank transfers (BACS), or the trusty old method of cash. For those who choose finance, we are a registered FCA member, and in conjunction with a leading finance company, we can offer zero, buy now pay later or five and ten-year standard finance packages.

If you are seeking the finance option, I will give you probably the most honest appraisal of finance options you are ever likely to hear. It will certainly be an eye opener, and not something I can ever put on paper. Well worth listening to I can assure you.

To put your mind at ease, a home visit to quote for your requirements is straight forward. I simply need to check your current or proposed new boiler location. The area where your boiler flue exits, to ensure it meets current regulations, and the nearest means of directing the condensate discharge to a drain. I also check the whereabouts and suitability of your exiting hot, cold, heating, gas and electrical supplies and pipes. This sounds a lot, but is really very simple, and to be honest it is usually your exiting gas pipe which needs to be upgraded. The rest are usually fine.

We will then discuss your boiler choice, the size required for your property and choice of manufacturer. We find a lot of people are set on which boiler they want. That is fine, we will not push or persuade you toward any boiler manufacturer. We are not tied to any single company, we are totally independent. What I will do however, is give you the honest pros and cons of the top four companies and you choose. You might just find this both interesting and rewarding. For your information these four are, Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Ideal and Vaillant. These are far and away the leading companies and offer on average the best value for money. The old saying, you get what you pay for, is certainly true in this respect.

I then simply give you a quote, which you can say yes or no to. I will not be offended in any way. However, in a small percentage of surveys I might have to obtain a price on something obscure, and in that case, I will either telephone or email the quote to you. In all cases the quote will be on paper, and we will honour it. We have never yet charged anybody extra or requested additional funds. After all that is the whole purpose of the visit, and after forty years of doing this I should be able to achieve this.

For those of you unsure as to what type of system you currently have, please find a brief description on the most common ones in the following paragraphs.

Combination boilers have become an integral part of modern day life. They are steadily becoming the go-to solution for all our heating and hot water needs. Indeed, over half of all new homes are now built with combis as the main heating and hot water method. These essentially run both your heating and hot water needs from one wall mounted boiler.

A heat only boiler is either a wall mounted, floor standing boiler or a back -boiler type usually found behind a gas fire. These come complete with a single hot water tank or cylinder with two addition water feed tanks. These are now considered very outdated.

A system boiler is usually wall mounted and is pressurised. It comes with a cylinder which is also pressurised. You can check to see if it has a gauge (like a clock face) on it reading one to three. These systems are quite modern and very effective.

  • We can cater for all your central heating needs. Whichever way you decide to cover the costs of your new boiler or heating, we are flexible and helpful.
  • We can accept credit or debit cards. We can also accept cash or bacs bank transfer.
  • We can also offer finance facilities. These include a 0% option, buy now pay later, with payments deferred for nine months.
  • We also offer the very popular straight forward fixed interest loan, which in most cases can be over a period of ten years.
  • If you think we can help you, then please fill in the contact form up the page, and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Whatever your needs, even just seeking advice, please contact us on 08001412207.
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